OST Absolute Duo / アブソリュート・デュオ

Kategori : Musik, OST Anime
Di Posting Oleh: Adam Makmur / 2015-01-20

This anime revolves around a boy named Tōru Kokonoe decides that after losing someone precious in a terrifying incident, he wants to become stronger and enrolls in a special school where people manifest their souls as weapons called Blaze. Tōru is capable of producing his own Blaze, but for some reason it manifests as a shield instead of a weapon.
Opening Theme:
“Absolute Soul” by Konomi Suzuki [TV Size] [Release Date: Feb 18, 2015] – Klik Here
Ending Theme:
#1: “BelievexBelieve” by Yamamoto Nozomi  [TV Size] [Release Date: Feb 18, 2015] – Klik Here
#2: “Apple Tea no Aji” by Yamamoto Nozomi and Yamazaki Haruka [Release Date: Feb 18, 2015]
#3: “2/2” by Imamura Ayaka and Suwa Ayaka [Release Date: Feb 18, 2015]